Hot Actress Atkinson

Name: Atkinson was born on 16 November 1984 at Bury in Greater Manchester and she is an English actress, TV celebrity and hot model of the world. At first Gemma as of Bury, and completed her education from Castle- brook High School during her early days of life.Although Hot Girl Atkinson was in relation to Marcus Bent however they have as crack awake. She has height 5 ft 9 and brunette hair with green eyes which are creating her personality very hot. During the year of 2007 this hot model achieves a 6 km aid organization run for breast tumor consciousness. She go up to celebrity playing Lisa Hunter on the Channel 4 youth series of Hollyoaks and Gemma complete her first appearance video game in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3  and became very famous hot actress. Atkinson has won many medals and became a member of London Games Festival during her career. At the period of 2010 Gemma come into view in the film The Sweet Shop a dreamy joke about a Hollywood celebrity with a little township sweetshop proprietor. After this Atkinson was completed movie in Dec 2010 on the idealistic funny side How to Stop Being a Loser and get much praised from the media. Movies and TV shows of Gemma Atkinson: The Sweet Shop, Baseline, Airborne, The Bill, Hollyoaks, Baseline.


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