Australian Film And TV Famous Hot Actress Melissa George

Melissa George This Australian film & TV actress Melissa George was born on 6th August 1976 in Western Perth, Australia and she has a very famous personality on the world. Melissa Suzanne George is a well-liked Australian performer and TV actress. In 1998 Melissa George seemed for the first time in Dark City movies and she performed her activities in United Kingdom in Australia and others.
She has known as Melissa Gorge who is a stylish actress of Hollywood films industries. Although a time-consuming serving on cinemas and television in both USA and Australia’s films industries around the world. Melissa George has performed in Lie to me which am a latest film and Treatment, Charmed Alias which was the American drama series and she gets many direful awards.
This Australian film & TV actress Melissa George was interested in dancing and learned more about contemporary and modern dance in Australia and other countries of the world. Melissa Suzanne George has won famous achievement in her film profession and television screen.
She is a most famous, popular and well-known personality by nature and she is very hottest actress of Hollywood industries, I think that any one like her figure. These pictures are related to the hottest personality of Melissa George.


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