Tattoo Hot Girl And Airbrush Body Art Tattoos and Tattoo Designs

Are you going to a rave, or a really hot club? Is there a masquerade, festival or party coming up, and you really want to make an impression? Then maybe its time to consider airbrush body art tattoo designs.
With them, you can transform yourself into nearly anything from a wood nymph, to a fairy, to a monster or demon. You can use art to transform your body from flesh into a magical canvas showing hints and peeks into a strange and magical land. You can become a cosmic goddess covered in suns and stars, or a goddess of nature whos body art displays butterflies and flowers.

Regardless of what image you choose to portray, with full-body airbrushed temporary tattoos, youre sure to illicit some kind of response!

Not too long ago, an email message was going around that really
Airbrush Body Art
By David Bollt

Airbrush Body Art
By David Bollt     showed the essence of surprise and mystery that envelops this new body art form.

It showed a thin, petite blond woman who was dressed in incredibly short shorts and a very revealing top. That was, until you looked a little closerActually, beneath all of that clothing was simply a beautiful naked woman with her clothing airbrushed on. And it was so convincing that she was walking through a busy downtown area in a large city without the normal crowd of mad men chasing a beautiful naked woman. It was a riot!
An Erotic Art
As the above situation illustrates, theres something inherently sexy about a full body tattoo design, whatever it may be. What better way to spice up the behind closed doors action that by showing up

with an exotic, intricate airbrushed design that transforms your body into a sensual vessel, or a wild animal, ready to freely give and receive love?

Airbrush tattoo designs are also great for those of you who want to have a few sexy nude shots and photography, but are a little concerned about your overall body image and appearance.

Whether you chose an exotic landscape or barely there painted on negligee, full body airbrushed tattoo designs are a unique form of body art and can be unbelievably stimulating and sexy!
Usually the airbrushing process involves transferring a stenciled design   
Airbrush Body Art
By David Bollt

Airbrush Body Art
By David Bolltin black ink onto the flesh and then carefully coloring it in. This method offers lots of freedom when it comes to ink colors and blending

These temporary tattoo designs can last anywhere from 3 days to over a week long, and its life and performance will all depend upon your care. By powdering your airbrush tattoo design, youll be able to keep it looking fresh and new long after other peoples designs have faded. It is also important to remember to avoid oils of any kind, including lotions, shampoos and conditioners. Oils weaken the structure of the ink.

Today, its increasingly easy to find temporary airbrush tattoo design artists, but even if you cant, there are classes available where you can learn the trade yourself. The art can prove profitable for schools, fairs, fundraisers, festivals, block parties and flea markets.

Airbrushed tattoo designs are sought out by so many different people, from children to adults. They are perfect for exhibitionists and hams. With them, you can become a fairy, or visit elfish lands. You can journey into Camelot, or commune with tigers or dragons. Swim with the dolphins, ride unicorns, climb castle walls. Go chasing butterflies, slay the dragon. Dance with extraterrestrials. You can court kings and royal audiences. The possibilities are endless.
Fading BeautOne of the most appealing benefits of full-body airbrushed designs is that they are truly temporary tattoos. When the partys over, the design can go away.
Airbrush Body Art
By David BolltAirbrush Body Art
By David Bollt
With a simple solution of 70% Isopropyl (Rubbing alcohol) and a good bit of patience on your end, the ink and stencil will fade into the nothing. You can wake up, clean off, and still make it to work without any strange looks from your co-workers.

And, theyre ideal if you are considering a more permanent large scale body art design, and want to get a feel for the reactions of friends, loved ones and strangers.


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